February 8
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The Holy Mojo is the meditative journey of a mystic congregation, immersed into true spiritual transcendence. 



Music + dance, theatre + literature, spoken word + art, along with handcrafted teas + tastes are integrated into the experience, giving each individual the tools to build their own sacred presence at "da meeting". Each individual will meet along the journey a collective group of spirits all with one goal: to reclaim + recall higher unified thoughts love and life, to recall their own Creative Power.   This special Holy Mojo is the realization that one’s evolution is intertwined with the collective, a symbiotic journey of community, enlivened through the Alchemic truth: One is All & All is One.   


We are featuring multi-instrumentalist,  
arts educator, and griot Ekpe Abioto from Memphis, TN. Ekpe has brought interactive African Diasporic music, history, and culture to diverse audiences around the world for over 30 years.  He'll integrate his artistry into the work of Holy Mojo's resident artists and hosts. With wordscapes by spiritual storyteller Wanda Abioto, vocals and instrumentation by songstress-musician Amenta Abioto, movement visual curation by Intisar Abioto, and affirmations from Hanifah Abioto ..


It is the recognition that there is no audience in life - that we are all the speaker, the spoken to and the word itself.

Holy Mojo will heal you, transform you, activate you, elevate you, ground you, and, above all, bliss you. 

Ekpe Abioto - Featured Guest


Wanda Abioto 


Ekpe (pronounced “eck-pay), a “musical philanthropist” and artistic director of GENIUS UNLIMITED, specializes in children’s music and cultural entertainment. Since his career began in 1974, people of all ages and cultures have enjoyed and been enriched by Ekpe’s performances, recordings, workshops, and lectures. His motivational learning workshops on self-esteem, creative thinking, conflict resolution, drug prevention, and gang awareness have been well received by students, teachers, and administrators.  As a musician, producer, recording artist, songwriter and arts educator, he plays African instruments (djimbe drum, kalimba (thumb piano), shakere, and others), flute and saxophone. Ekpe resides in Memphis, TN.


We believe in fantasy and magic as a force for liberation. We come from the tradition of the storyteller - we believe in the unseen. We must take our position on the stage of this world as a force of the imagination.
— Wanda Abioto

Wanda Abioto is a spiritual storyteller, a philosopher, a wordsmith, an infused vegan and raw food cook, a believer, a legal oracle - a counselor of the law.  She was born in the Mississippi Delta around cotton fields and books; segregation and strong family ties; powerful farm hands and determined minds; Sunday school and Bible Training Union.  She currently resides in Portland Oregon.

Amenta Abioto

With music.. I channel the essence of the universe.. of all the galaxies and the power of the stars and the sun and all these things that are fuel, that give power to us as human beings. I’m channeling their eternal nature.
— Amenta Abioto

Songwriter, songstress, and actor, Amenta Abioto is on the cutting edge of all that is musical, theatrical, and literary. Her music is boldly mystical and soul-fired, and her raw improvisational live performances invoke elements of both theatrical surprise and magic through ancient African diasporic sounds and stories. - amentaabioto.com

Intisar Abioto

It’s all your imagination, which does make sense.
— Intisar Abioto

Intisar Abioto is a dancer, photographer, writer,  and life-literature-land explorer. A true lover of  folktales, myths, legends, and epic journeys, she is real life adventurer at heart... intisarabioto.com .. theblackportlanders.com..

Hani Abioto

Aisha Abioto

“All I care about is Love. Freedom. & God. But those are all the same things... and it’s Everything. ”
— Hani Abioto - Le Creator, songwriter + sanga, everythingist, author, artiste, muse, the spirit of art through sounds + words + visuals
“I can’t go a day without music and that’s actually true.
— Aisha Abioto Anime artist, sometimes photographer, poem writer

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    1. : exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness
    2. a : having a divine quality <holy love>b : venerated as or as if sacred <holy scripture> <a holyrelic>
    3. Belonging to, derived from, or associated with a divine power; sacred.


    sacred - saintly - sainted - saint - sacrosanct - blessed







    1. A magic charm, talisman, or spell.
    2. Magic power.